The Real Housewives of Dallas is coming back with a bang. Get ready for a season full of accusations, name-calling, tears and smashed glass as the Dallas socialites return for season two.

One look at the new trailer and you can see that a lot has changed for the ladies since season one wrapped last year — here's what you can expect:

Two New Wives

We'll see Brandi Redmond, Cary Deuber, LeeAnne Locken, and Stephanie Hollman return, and they'll be joined by two new faces.


First we have D'Andra Simmons, a Dallas native who was born and raised in Dallas high society. Hailing from a family of self-made millionaires, D'Andra has some tough shoes to fill if she wants to take over her mother's million-dollar nutritional supplement company. D'Andra is super close with both LeeAnne and Cary, which will be interesting to watch given the friction between those two ladies last season.


Next up there's Kameron Westcott, who Cary describes as a real-life Elle Woods. Kameron married into Dallas royalty and her life looks picture-perfect. This mother of two is obsessed with pink and is even starting a dog food line that's entirely her favourite colour. Don't let her ditzy demeanor fool you, Kameron makes it very clear that she plays the "dumb blonde" role to use it to her advantage so that people will underestimate her.

These two new additions don't seem to waste any time diving into the drama this season. The trailer shows Brandi getting into an argument with Kameron and calling her a "b*tch." Then later in the trailer D'Andra serves us this delicious line that previews what's to come this season: "we're gonna see who's really honest, and who's a backstabbing bitch!"

The Breakup No One Saw Coming

The biggest shocker this season is the fallout between Brandi and Stephanie. While the two were inseperable last season, we're shown a scene where LeeAnne tells Cary that the two haven't spoken for months and it's causing a major rift in their social circle. Apparently Brandi is upset with Stephanie for publicly talking trash about her marriage problems. We see Brandi confront Stephanie and tell her "you said that my marriage was like watching a slow car crash." Get ready for tears as these two try to rebuild their friendship.

LeeAnne Is Still...LeeAnne

After scaring everyone with her rage issues last season, you'd think LeeAnne would come back calm and collected — wrong! We see the sassy Dallas socialite lose her temper several times; slamming purses and smashing glasses once things get too heated for her to handle. As if that wasn't enough reality TV gold, LeeAnne serves us this amazing confessional look:

Watch the drama unfold in the trailer below, and tune in to The Real Housewives of Dallas premiere August 14 at 10 e/p!