Summer House

Summer House
  • Ashley Wirkus
    Ashley Wirkus
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    Newly married, fun-loving Ashley is a six-foot-tall Southern California girl who has been living in New York with her twin sister, Lauren, for the past six years and spending summers with her in the Hamptons from the beginning. This may be their last summer together before Ashley moves back to California to start settling down, and she wants to make it one to remember. A natural caregiver, Ashley likes to be a stable support for her friends when things get crazy in the house, but don’t ever mistake her kindness for weakness - she has a bite! She has worked in New York real estate for most of her career but recently bought a retail franchise called Uptown Cheapskate and is working on opening her first store. Close
  • Carl Radke
    Carl Radke
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    Carl is fairly new to the Montauk scene and is friends with Kyle, who invited him into the house for the summer. The newest member of the house, he has crossed paths with most of the housemates at social events, but he doesn’t know them very well. An ex-model, he currently works in medical-device sales but dabbles in producing films and is an investor in two New York City bar/lounges that will open in spring 2017. Carl is an outgoing, energetic guy who is always up for an adventure. He is single and ready to mingle this summer. Close
  • Cristina Gibson
    Cristina Gibson
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    Cristina is excited for a summer of sun and fun in Montauk with her friends as she balances work and play. But maintaining a freelance reporting career while living and partying with eight other people, including her roommate Lindsay and Lindsay's boyfriend, Everett, isn't so easy. While she has always tried to be a loyal friend, Cristina realizes she needs to reevaluate who her own friends really are as summer progresses. Close
  • Everett Weston
    Everett Weston
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    Everett is an intense, type-A personality and speaks his mind without consequence. He has been coming to Montauk with his family since he was 12 years old and did his first summer house about five years ago. He is in a new relationship with housemate Lindsay and close friends with Kyle. An ex-Army Iraq-war veteran who spent a year on the front line, he is co-founder of Operation: Heal Our Heroes (HOH), a nonprofit that works toward improving mental health and awareness to stop the suicide epidemic that is plaguing our nation's veterans. Everett is the epitome of military through and through but loves to let loose and have fun in Montauk every chance he gets. He is very adventurous--some might call him a thrill seeker--which drives his fast-paced lifestyle. Close
  • Jaclyn Shuman
    Jaclyn Shuman
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    Jaclyn is a flirty, silly girl-next-door type from Texas who moved to New York City to work in fashion design and wound up "falling into" fit modeling. She’s in a big transition period in her life, newly single after a bad breakup. Heartbroken, Jaclyn reunites with friends in Montauk for the summer to distract her and celebrate the rise of her modeling career. She tends to come across as shy and reserved at first, but once she has scoped out her surroundings and is comfortable, she unleashes her uncensored, flirtatious side. She is not planning on dating anyone seriously this summer but also isn’t taking it off the table. Close
  • Kyle Cooke
    Kyle Cooke
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    Kyle is a "man-olescent" at heart, perfectly content with being the life of the party instead of growing up. He is an entrepreneur and works around the clock on two startups - Fenix, a personal coach-based weight-loss app, and Birddogs, gym shorts for free-balling crotch crusaders - but he lives for weekends in Montauk, where he can let loose and let go of the buttoned-up lifestyle he leads during the week. Kyle is a social butterfly and full of energy, often bouncing around from party to party. Newly single, his only commitment is to troll for girls all summer long. Close
  • Lauren Wirkus
    Lauren Wirkus
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    Although she hails from Southern California, naturally outgoing Lauren has been a fearless New Yorker for the past six years. She rules the finance world during the week, but weekends are all about Montauk with her twin sister, Ashley. Always down for a good time, Lauren is single with no promising suitors or "tall talent" in the wings at the moment. She is open to dating this summer, but her plan is to soak up everything that summer has to offer, let loose, and have fun with her sister before Ashley heads to marital bliss. On the weekends, Lauren looks forward to hitting the beach, clambakes, and bonfires, along with barbecues, pool parties, and of course the nightlife. Close
  • Lindsay Hubbard
    Lindsay Hubbard
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    Lindsay is the ultimate alpha female and makes no apologies for it. She is the president of Hubb House Public Relations and is in a new relationship with fellow housemate Everett. Lindsay and Everett were good friends for more than two years before the timing was finally right and they decided to give it a shot. Lindsay is a go-getter with a lot of passion and determination. She has been spending summers in the Hamptons for the past ten years for play and work. She loves the beach as well as playing sports and always looks forward to letting loose with friends over good food and cocktails when out East. Close
  • Stephen McGee
    Stephen McGee
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    Every house needs someone who shakes things up and doesn’t care what people think, and Stephen McGee fits that bill. During the week, he works as an event planner for luxury brands and socialites, but as soon as the clock strikes noon on Friday, he makes his way out to live it up on the East End. He started spending summers in Montauk by throwing boozy brunch parties, which helped connect him to many of the Hamptons' elite social circles. Stephen grew up in Alabama and escaped to New York City at just 20 years old, working his way up from the bottom. Close