Southern Charm: Savannah

Southern Charm: Savannah
  • Ashley Borders
    Ashley Borders
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    Ashley Borders was born and raised in the Deep South, attended Savannah Country Day School and graduated with an academic scholarship from Wofford College, but she has lived and worked all over the United States as well as Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. After years of living abroad, Ashley realized she wanted to move back home to Georgia and raise her son, Izzy, in a manner similar to her own childhood. Ashley has been back in Savannah for about three years and is trying to navigate her unique family dynamic while building a creative empire in a community that doesn’t always have space for forward thinkers. Ashley is an actress, stylist, and creative director and has owned three different clothing lines. She started her first clothing line, House of Borders, at 16 years old and has continued to design and manufacture her own fashion collections. Although she is a glamorous and chic woman, Ashley is free-spirited and not afraid to get her hands dirty, working day in and day out to build a strong, stable foundation for herself and Izzy, who she asserts is the greatest and most rewarding gift her life has given her.


  • Catherine Cooper
    Catherine Cooper
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    Catherine Cooper was born and raised in Savannah, where her family has called home for multiple generations. She grew up on the Isle of Hope and spent her summers and free time at her family’s home on the Vernon River, where as a young child she learned to bait a hook, throw a cast net, and operate a boat - all while continuing to refine the skills of a southern lady. Catherine attended Savannah Country Day School and went on to graduate from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia where she pursued her love of travel and studied abroad in Austria. While interning with a publishing company in New York, she fell in love with the fast- paced lifestyle of the big city. However, after graduating she decided to accept a job offer in Savannah, quickly realizing how much her historic hometown has to offer. Catherine is a modern-day Southern belle on a quest for independence but her on-again/off-again relationship with her high school sweetheart, Lyle, may create some challenges along the way. Close
  • Daniel Eichholz
    Daniel Eichholz
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    Daniel Eichholz is a member of one of Savannah’s oldest families with prominent Revolutionary War ties. His ancestors founded the first synagogue in Georgia, and one of the first in the United States. Daniel attended Savannah Country Day School and went on to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. For the past several years, Daniel and his brother David have used their marketing and business acumen to grow their family business, The Eichholz Law Firm, from an office of 10 employees to a multi-location personal injury litigation firm. An entrepreneur at heart, Daniel is passionate about his company, Track My Leads, which utilizes proprietary lead management software to monitor and maximize marketing campaigns, as well as several other business projects he maintains. Far from your typical southerner, Savannah is definitely Daniel’s playground. He easily makes friends with everyone he meets, and it is this fun-loving nature than can sometimes make “adulting” a bit of a challenge. Close
  • Hannah Pearson
    Hannah Pearson
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    Hannah Pearson grew up on Lake Spivey, right outside of Atlanta, where she had an idyllic upbringing with her tight-knit family. After graduating from Woodward Academy in Atlanta, she attended the University of Georgia where she earned degrees in marketing and Spanish while spending her summers working in New York City for various fashion and cosmetic companies. During her junior year of college, she spent a semester abroad in Barcelona, but upon her return home was shocked and heartbroken to find that her parents were starting to divorce. After college, she moved back to Atlanta and began managing a boutique and cosmetic line with her friend, but things had changed with her family and her relationship had become very strained with her father. She was more motivated than ever to gain financial independence and figure things out on her own. She traded the lipstick for a hard hat and got a sales position with a trucking company in Savannah, leaving everything behind. Shortly after relocating, she met her boyfriend, Louis, through mutual friends, and after several months of hanging out as friends, they began dating. Five years later, Hannah is still in Savannah dating Louis and working for the same company. She struggles at times to find her place in this old society and wonders what her life would be like here forever, but she is excited about what the future will bring. Close
  • Louis Oswald
    Louis Oswald
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    Louis Oswald was born and raised in Savannah, where he attended Savannah Country Day School and Auburn University, where he graduated with a degree in finance. He always knew he’d follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and become a financial advisor, and upon moving back home, he spent several years working in wealth management at a large bank. Always trying to bring zest to his life, Louis was inspired to add some color to the boring gray suits that had become a part of his daily wardrobe and decided to try his hand at his own business venture. Louis and his friend began JL the Brand, a collection of bright and vibrant men’s dress socks with fun patterns. The business quickly took off, and Louis soon found himself juggling his responsibilities at the bank with the growing demands of his sock company. Things changed in his personal life as well when he was introduced to Hannah through mutual friends. Louis was smitten, but it took some time for their relationship to become romantic. It’s been over four years now, and whether Louis is ready or not, the time is quickly approaching when he will have to make some real decisions about his career, his love life, and his future. Close
  • Lyle Mackenzie
    Lyle Mackenzie
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    Lyle Mackenzie grew up in Savannah, attended Savannah Country Day School, and has always had a penchant for mischief. Lyle’s unruly nature and his desire for action and adventure ultimately led to his early departure from school when he broke the rules once too many. As the first-born son of a defense attorney and an accomplished archaeologist, his mother quickly put him to work. During the day he’d man the sifter on dig sites while at night he’d learn how to negotiate a pay raise around the dinner table by his father. After several dozen odd jobs, a few school suspensions, and an arduous college career, Lyle landed a job with a Fortune 500 company working in international logistics. However, it didn’t take long for Lyle to realize that he wasn’t cut out for the corporate world, so he packed his bags and moved to Atlanta where he entered the e-commerce market specializing in salon and spa equipment. Eventually, Lyle realized that the clock was ticking and it was time to put his wild ways to rest and focus on locking down his high school sweetheart, Catherine Cooper. Ultimately, Lyle is a simple man at heart in pursuit of the two most fundamental aspects of life: love and happiness. Close