While our shopping habits aren't in the same league as these celebrities, the finale of My Shopping Addiction (tonight at 10pm on Slice) inspired us to round-up the most extravagant celebrity purchases ever. Think a designer purse collection is bad? How about a $250,000 manicure?

10. Kelly Osbourne's black diamond manicure
Kelly sported a quarter of a million-dollar manicure on the red carpet at the 2012 Emmy Awards. Via her own Instagram: “I’m s***ting myself to have that much money on my nails!” The new polish by LA-based luxury jeweler Azature, is made up of 267 carats in black diamonds. As Kelly told E! on the red carpet: “I’m the only person they let wear it, [the bottle's] in a safe upstairs in the hotel room.”

9. Nicolas Cage's dinosaur skull
Although his most recent purchase of a pyramid-shaped family tomb has made news recently along with financial difficulties due to unpaid Federal back-taxes, Nicolas Cage's bidding war against Leonardo DiCaprio for a $276,000 Tarbosaurus dinosaur skull brings his extravagance to new heights.

8. Suri Cruise's shoe collection
Before her Mom pulled a Sally Field in Not Without My Daughter on Tom and the Scientology crew, Star magazine reported in 2011 that five-year-old Suri's shoe collection was valued at more than $150,000. “Suri is … a massive fan of Marc Jacobs and she’s had several shoes custom-made, so if they didn’t come with a heel, Katie had them redesigned for Suri,” a source told the mag. “She commissioned a pair of Louboutins for her a while back!”

7. Jolie-Pitts in matching designer handbags
Angelina Jolie's little one Zahara developed extravagant taste at a very young age. Mother and daughter are often spotted with matching designer duds and luxury handbags. In fact, Angelina had a special mini made for Zahara to match her $1700 Valentino Braided Leather Shoulder Bag.

6. Mila Kunis diamond facial
Walking the red carpet for the 2011 Golden Globes, Mila Kunis admitted that part of her pre-ceremony prep had included a $7,000 diamond and ruby facial from Scott-Vincent Borba. Although she didn't win the Best Supporting Actress for Black Swan that evening, she definitely won the award for most extravagant beauty routine.

5. Rupert Grint's hovercraft
It seems that starring as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter has given Rupert Grint a taste for adventure, he now prefers to spend his down time on his personal hovercraft: “There are plenty of lakes nearby (hometown of Hertfordshire, England) but you can also take hovercrafts for a spin on land – they're pretty cool things to drive.” via The Telegraph.

4. Baby Blue Ivy Carter's solid gold rocking horse
Proud papa Jay-Z is responsible for this extravagant purchase, a definite necessity for any offspring of rap royalty: a $600,000 solid gold, handmade rocking horse created by Japanese jeweller Ginza Tanaka.

3. Ryan Lochte's grill
There were so many memorable moments from the London Olympics, but the gold medal of extravagance goes to US swimmer Ryan Lochte and his custom-made American flag dental grill. The diamond stars and stripes retainer was created for him at a reported cost of $25,000.

2. Madonna's mink and diamond false eyelashes
Regular false eyelashes simply would not do for Madonna's Sticky & Sweet 2009 Summer Tour, and so Artistic Director for Shu Uemura Gina Brooke set to work creating something more suited to the flamboyant singer. Featuring 0.75 carats at a cost of $10,000 a pair, the iconic star didn't even bat a luxurious, bedazzled eyelash upon discovery that the delicate accoutrements had to be replaced every five to seven wears.

1. Eric Clapton's art collection
Famed musician Eric Clapton bought a set of abstract paintings by Gerhard Richter in 2001 for $3.3 million and sold one of the paintings in October 2012 for ten times its value, setting an auction record. Clapton is expected to donate much of the proceeds to his charitable foundations, proving that some extravagant purchases have a happy ending.

Written by Shannon Christie.

Image credit: Kelly Osbourne: Frazer Harrison/Getty images