Life is precious - here's how the youngest female self-made billionaire makes the very most of hers

At 31, Elizabeth Holmes is the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire. She’s the founder of Theranos, a 12-year-old diagnostic lab test company already worth an estimated $10 billion and well on track to not only disrupt a $75 billion industry - but perhaps even grow it by another $125 billion, as one recent Inc. article suggests.

The company aims to make blood tests more accessible to consumers - both geographically and economically. It aims to be available in every neighbourhood pharmacy at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. With just a couple of drops of blood from the finger, Theranos’ tests are able to detect hundreds of conditions and diseases. The company came to light only a year and a half ago. Holmes’ long-term vision is to take the company worldwide.

You may be thinking it’s a bit ambitious, sure - but Holmes isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill founder-CEO. She has a few trademark quirks that keep her in beast mode around the clock. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at a few of her everyday habits. We warn you: Once you know her secrets, you can never un-know them.

Ready to change your life? Let’s take a look…

1) She opts for the same look every day - a chic black turtleneck

We’ve seen this before - last time on a dashing young fellow by the name of Steve Jobs. But it isn’t a throwback to the Apple founder and visionary; it’s a nod to Sharon Stone’s 1996 Oscar nomination look. According to Inc., Holmes’ mother admired the look, revamped the family wardrobe into a colony of black turtlenecks, and Holmes has never looked back. If you’re wondering how much time it saves her in the morning - well, just think back to the last time you were late for work because you couldn’t decide between the blue chiffon blouse or the black button-up.

2) She’s vegan

Nothing tastes as good as successful feels - and that includes bacon. Holmes avoids animal products altogether as it allows her to function on less sleep.

3) She doesn’t hang out with anyone

Aside from her younger brother - who happens to also be a product manager at Theranos - Holmes doesn’t keep much of a social circle. We already know the crippling effects putting too much priority on our social lives can have on our finances - so we really needn’t dive too much deeper into the subject. That would only take more time away from our conquering the world.

4) She didn’t vacation throughout her entire 20s

Who needs to see the world when you can be saving it? Many of us have likely seen the Internet articles urging the young to take advantage of their youth and vacation to St. Barths and urging the retired to take advantage of their golden years and buy a timeshare in Cancun; we’ve now also had the luxury of seeing what Holmes has managed to do with one activity that often tends to go understated - focus. While we were busy rolling around in the sand, she was busy rolling out her master plan.

5) She doesn’t date

What can we say? She fell in love with her work.

Healthier, wealthier, and wiser already

At 31, Holmes has figured out what, for many, takes a lifetime to get: that life is short - and you only have one to make a real impact on the world. She’s dedicated hers to making sure more people have a longer shot at it.

And at 31, she’s only getting started.