Tomorrow's Valentine's Day, so to celebrate this love-filled day we're taking a look at five of our favourite Big Brother showmances, because as we all know, reality and romance go hand in hand!

Will and Janelle: You can't talk about showmances and not include Dr. Will -- the man pretty much invented the strategy. Whether it was his Season 2 tryst with Shannon or his fun and flirty chemistry with Janelle in Season 7 we just couldn't get enough... although we're pretty sure their significant others at the time could've taken a pass on watching it.

Lisa and Eric: One of the first showmances Big Brother blessed viewers with, Lisa and Eric only spent three weeks together before being nominated against each other in Season 3. It was hard to hold back awws and sighs when Lisa won a web chat with Eric. Even though the romance didn't last, the couple was simply too sweet to ignore.

Rachel and Brendon: Within a week of meeting in the Big Brother Season 12 house "Branchel" was born. Though mainly remembered for their "us versus the world" attitude, we like to remember those sweet moments on the hammock when the now-married couple first learned of each other's mutual love of science.

Danielle and Dominic: Were they or weren't they? We could never tell with these two! All we knew for sure was that there was a serious Season 13 flirtmance going on. Just married, we can't help but wish we could've seen this romance play out on screen just a little longer.

Jeff and Jordan: They weren't awarded Reality's Favourite Duo for nothing. Jeff and Jordan's sweet romance was and continues to be a fan favourite! Like Rachel and Brendon, the couple formed a close bond in the first week of arriving at the Big Brother house in Season 11. Three years later the couple are still together and cuter than ever.

Got a different pick? Let us know who starred in your favourite showmance!

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