Those Disney songs are just so catchy. Whether it's "Hakuna Matata," "Friend Like Me" or "Be Our Guest," it'll be stuck in your head all day. (Sorry.)

The love songs, though, well they're a whole different beautiful beast. They've been covered many times over (ahem, we're looking at you Idina Menzel, Demi Lovato and everyone else who's tackled "Let It Go") but this one might be the most spine-tingling yet.


Pentatonix's Kirstin Maldonado teamed up with her boyfriend, Jeremy Michael Lewis, for this beautiful a cappella rendition of three Disney classics. They, along with a cappella collective Voctave (a force in their own right), sing "I See The Light" from Tangled, "You'll Be In My Heart" from Tarzan and "Go The Distance" from Hercules in an arrangement from Rollins College music tech lecturer Jamey Ray.

Fans of a cappella have been clamouring for Maldonado and Lewis, both former members of the University of Kentucky's acoUstiKats, for a collaboration and since they're both such Disney fans, this made pitch-perfect, heart-melting sense.

Oh, and if you didn't cry while hearing the songs in the movies, you just might here because it's THAT amazing. And if you want to hear it all the time, and cry in the shower or on your drive home, it's also available for download on iTunes. Kleenex thanks you.


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