You just got the invite for your office holiday party -- and you were invited to attend with a plus one.  Though this might seem like a great opportunity to introduce your significant other to your team, it might not go as smoothly as you think.

So how do you know whether or not you should bring a plus one? Ask yourself these three questions.

Will you have to play babysitter?
The problem with having someone on your arm, is that they might be on your arm all night.  Though you might love them, it can be hard to include them in work-related conversations.  If your partner is charismatic, an extrovert and is a pro at working the room, then by all means include them in the festivities.  But if your partner tends to be a little more needy, or even the jealous type, perhaps it’s best to leave them out and suggest that you meet up for a late-night drink afterwards.  This way, they’ll get to see you all dolled up and enjoy your late-night buzz, and won’t focus so much on being left out, if that’s how they see it.

Does he remind you of Frank the Tank?
Open bars are often a staple at office holiday parties.  Does your boy-toy get extra thirsty when he goes out (if you know what I mean)? Since you’ll be with people you work with, you don’t want to set yourself up for any inappropriate drunken situations.  If he never seems to know his limit, isn’t a good drunk and tends to disclose TMI when under the influence, perhaps you should hold your head up high and go solo.  A two-drink maximum is highly suggested for these types of settings, where people can get overly friendly only to regret it the next day.

What are your intentions?
Are you bringing him to show him off to your in-office nemesis?  Are you simply using your boy to show your team just how happy and blissful you are?  Are you trying to make others jealous?  Did you only start dating two weeks ago but don’t want to be the only single one there?  If your intention isn’t just to have a good time with the man you love, then perhaps you should leave him out of this one.  People tend to see through others' actions and it could end up making you look worse.  It also takes away from the joyous celebration. If you're focusing on other people, you're not taking the time to celebrate all your accomplishments.

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