I think my tips would be:

1. Don't do it! It's way too hard, but if you do make sure there is a lot of communication. Texts and phone calls are a must. Kyle and I mainly text and sometimes only talk for two minutes a day.

2. You have to be clear as to what you want from them. If it's a joint effort to see each other then there always needs to be a call to say goodnight or a heads up if you'd normally hear from them at 6pm and they're running behind, just a quick text saying "Running late, text you at 7 [pm] dear." It's common courtesy but it's better spelled out.

In all honesty, its been very hard. I'm basically a single mom in Vancouver with zero family. I don't go out much and only have my kids half the time. I see Kyle sometimes two days every other weekend -- that's my reality. Thank God for my amazing children, they fill the days with laughter and love. It's been a journey and I'm learning every day.