Positions for Different Penis Sizes

While we're all for experimental fun and the "mind-blowing sex" those post-feminist mags advertise on their covers, we realize that, horny as you may be, you're no circus performer. We also realize that regardless of how many times you're told, "size doesn't matter," you know what feels good. So in the spirit of having better sex, we've created a guide to improve the motion of the ocean, no matter what size he is!

10. If he's big: missionary position
Don't knock it just because Christian missionaries allegedly thought it was the proper position for intercourse. This man-on-top arrangement is pleasurable for both parties. And since he's well-endowed, you don't have to worry about special angles or party tricks.

9. If he's average: classic with a tilt
In the missionary position add a pillow under your bum. Tilting your pelvis will make entry easier, let him thrust deeper and make your G-spot and clitoris more accessible for stimulation. If this works for you, invest in a foam wedge from sex-toy company The Liberator or, for the bashful, buy a yoga wedge and if anyone finds it, blame it on your workout routine.

8. If he's small: downward doggie
Lay face down with legs stretched out and open slightly. Raise your butt a bit and have him enter, laying face down on top of you. He can prop himself up with his arms for more range of motion. This position allows for lots of penetration and friction for both of you and you can stimulate your clitoris against the bed.

7. If he's small: doggie style
Guys love this position because the view is, well, scenic. But it's also great for women whose partner is not the biggest guy in the world. Doggie style allows him to penetrate deeply from behind and you can vary the angle he hits and the friction you feel by arching your back, laying your head on the bed or squeezing your thighs together.

6. If he's average: reverse cowgirl
In the reverse cowgirl, you face his feet and lower yourself on top of him. Again, this will allow you to control how deeply he penetrates you while letting him look at your ass. Keep in mind that this isn't the best position for clitoral stimulation, so you may want to put one of you to work.

5. If he's small: the hook up
Warning: this position requires a bit of flexibility. With you on your back, he enters you as he would for the missionary position but instead of keeping your legs on the bed, raise them up and rest them against his chest, or if you're feeling really athletic, slide a pillow under your bum and hook your knees over his shoulders. He can penetrate you deeply and if you cross your ankles, it'll tighten the vaginal canal, making it feel even better.

4. If he's average: the lotus
With him sitting cross-legged, straddle him and wrap your legs around his waist. In this position the two of you rock back and forth, with your breasts pressed up against his chest and your arms around his neck. It's intimate and lets you easily make out while doing the deed.

3. If he's big: pretzel
Not as difficult as it sounds, the pretzel involves side-lying sex. Lie down on your back and have your partner lie down next to you on his side with one leg between yours. Throw your top leg over his hip with the other one flat. Once he's inside, he rolls from his side to on top of you and back, thrusting as he does so. This is for lazy mornings and it works well for bigger penises because neither of you have a full range of thrusting motion.

2. If he's small: forward bend
This position is like that move in yoga class where you bend forward to stretch out your legs except now you've got a man underneath you. With him lying on his back, lower yourself so that your legs are stretched in front of you. This is the less physically demanding version of the hook up--at least for you. He'll be able to manipulate your motion by grabbing your hips and you can use your hands to prop yourself up a bit. This is a good one for him because again, he can penetrate you deeply.

1. All around good times: girl on top
This is a good position because you can control how deep he penetrates you, because you're on top! If he's big you may not want to lower yourself all the way on top of him (note: prepare to get a bit of a leg workout if you're holding yourself up). If he's average or small, you can let him enter you as deep as you want.

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