My Boyfriend Likes Adult WebsitesQuestion: If your boyfriend is watching a lot of online porn without you, what does that say about your relationship?

Answer: Watching porn and having sex are two different and independent channels. If your boyfriend is engaging in too much of the porn channel and not enough of the sex channel, obviously this is a problem for you. This doesn't mean that he doesn't find you attractive, although maybe it's time to get more adventurous. This is as much his responsibility as yours.

If you like or are undecided about the kind of porn he likes, suggest watching it with him. If you don't like porn, there still might be some element of the fantasy you can explore (sexy clothes/a new pair of handcuffs/talking about your own fantasies).

However, if he's watching "a lot" of porn and you're still satisfied with your sex life, there's no real problem here. Watching the porn is just about him, having sex is about the both of you. --  Joseph, single, 35

Answer: Many (most?) men are pervs at heart and will resort to watching online porn to satisfy their kinky urges. Don't take this to mean that he doesn't love you or want you. Rather, it's probable that he has some appetites he doesn't feel you would be comfortable participating in. Either that or your sex life is not very interesting and he is taking it upon himself to keep satisfied without resorting to cheating. It's a win-win situation! -- Mike, married, 32

Answer: If you are aware of it you might want to have a chat with him about learning to better clean up after himself (figuratively) but I wouldn't worry much about it. Most guys know their way around the limitless universe of free internet porn. He still loves you, he just also loves masturbating. -- Josh, in a relationship, 29

Answer: Too many variables with this one. How much is a lot? What's the content matter? Is it hardcore "Buttman" style, a few of Hef's latest girlfriends, or just some voyeurs of Paris Hilton's and Britney's last club night? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and maybe even a little investigation (hacking), before a relationship decision can be made. This could get real dirty, real fast, pun intended. -- Richard, in a relationship, 25