There’s a theory in movie marketing that since males make the movie decisions, the thought is that wives and girlfriends will be dragged to the new superhero or slasher movie, but men won’t be caught dead at the new Kate Hudson rom-com.

This is not the case in my life.

When my wife and I were first dating we visited a video store (an actual, physical place where early humans would pay to obtain a disc that contained a movie for a period of time) looking for something to watch together. I don’t remember what we eventually chose, but I do remember the selection process. When I suggested we check out the comedy section, my now-wife just looked at me, puzzled. “Why would we do that?” she asked, as if I had suggested we invest in an emu farm. Turns out she felt watching comedies was a waste of time.

Also off-limits: violent movies, scary movies, suspenseful movies, revenge plots, unhappy endings. Oh, and all movies made before 1988. She does love sad movies, so long as they aren’t too sad. It’s a fine line: movies where bad things happen to people are good (she loves a good cry), so long as everything eventually works out.

Looking to expand the horizons a little, I once persuaded her to watch what I thought was a fairly safe toe-dip into the world of "scary" movies: The Sixth Sense. It was rated PG-13, was not terribly graphic and ends on an uplifting note. She has never forgiven me. She spent the entire 90 minutes curled into a ball. Suffice to say, this Halloween passed without any horror movie marathon.

I have no interest in scarring my wife by forcing movies on her that she hates, and I also keep a list going of movies to watch while she’s out of the house. And we have somehow managed to share and enjoy many movies together over the years, even time-wasting comedies.

Who makes the movie call in your relationship? Is it just the person who makes more of a stink? Have you ever had any epic clashes?

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Paul Beer

Paul Beer is a Toronto writer, actor and comedian. You can follow him on Twitter @pauldanielbeer.