asked: Is sex on the first date a bad idea?

No, but it does set a precedent. The overture gives us an idea of what we can expect for the rest of the opera. We like that you like sex, but you'll also have to give us some indication that you're interested in more than that.
- Trevor, 25, marketing coordinator, sketch comedy writer/performer, single

That is up to you. How do you respond after the sexy times? If the sex isn't all that and then some on the first try, do you write him off? Do you immediately start thinking up baby names? These would be the wrong actions to take.
- Mike, 31, marketing consultant, married

- Andy, 29. IT consultant, single

Not if it's good sex.
- Richard, 32. events planner, lives with girlfriend

It's less that a guy doesn't respect you for sleeping with him on the first night, more that if he wants to sleep with you on the first night he probably isn't really looking for a relationship.
- Josh, 28, model, with girlfriend

Not at all. Just because you've instantly connected physically doesn't mean you can't establish a more meaningfully long-term relationship once the sun comes up.
- Rod, 32, fireman, married, baby on the way

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