Watching Million Dollar Listing LA allows us to be a fly on the wall, watching the lifestyles of the rich, famous and successful.  While watching these successful people, mainly the realtors on the show, we also see the success of their relationships: business and personal.

An agent on the show, Josh Altman, stole my heart with his authenticity. A few weeks ago I wrote about how he manages to have it all: both solid relationships and real estate. He has a family he’s close with, a long-term girlfriend that he’s taking the next step with, a successful career, and the ability to handle challenges without flinching.

Here’s my advice on how to get the Josh je ne sais quoi:

1. The secret to a great family relationship
In this week's episode, Josh and his girlfriend Heather host his parents (in from out of town for a conference) and older brother for dinner.  We learn his entire family is successful; his dad is a sex doctor (yes, you read that right), his mom was in the fashion industry for 30 years and his brother is also a successful realtor.  They make jokes, comparing the sex issues people face (lack of sex drive, according to Dr. Altman) to the market (prices and offers going down). They're all being liberal, open and honest.  When you can make jokes and find a way to relate to your parents and those close to you, you create a strong sense of comfort and bonding.

2. How to take your romantic relationship to the next step
First you leave a toothbrush, then a hair straightener, then tampons.  Nothing scares a guy more than a woman who suddenly starts taking over his territory without him asking her to.  Since staying overnight upwards of four nights a week has become a popular dating trend (A.K.A. the stay-lationship), Josh demonstrates the power of patience.

In this episode, he and Heather move in together after two years of dating.  This timeline will differ for everyone, but the lesson is to let things play out naturally (not slowly moving yourself in without having the talk), trusting your gut (that your ready to take this step), and doing it for the right reasons (not out of convenience, or because you don’t trust your guy when he’s on his own).  Josh says they are currently renting a home together and if things work out, then they'll buy.  This shows not only how strategic he is, but realistic as well.

3. How to work with family members without killing them
Josh says that he and his brother make the perfect team because they're opposites -- they equal each other out.  But yes, his bro is still a pain.  If you work with your siblings, chances are you can relate.  The thing is, Josh handles his older brother Matt’s sometimes condescending comments with class and humour, as opposed to going on the defense.  This makes him look like the bigger person. 

So, instead of being defensive when your sibling makes an offensive comment, don’t take it personally.  Matt jokingly puts Josh down during a meeting with a client who does reconstructive surgery.  Josh laughs it off, preventing anyone from feeling uncomfortable. Matt also finds the need to correct Josh in front of clients, but Josh takes the high road by not getting distracted, and by not responding emotionally.

Once the deal went through, Josh gave his brother kudos.  He let Matt take control when push came to shove. They didn’t battle over who did what, a sign of pure class and grace.

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