Top 10: Get Over Your Ex

There must be a cure for the broken heart. We've all had them and for those of you that haven't, I'm jealous. As a recovering patient in the Hospital for the Broken-Hearted, I will pass on to you what the doctors told me. Here is your recipe for a speedier recovery.

1. Delete him
From everything. Yes, this means your email, your cellphone and your social media. Do it now.

2. Get hot
Only wear the things that make you feel good about yourself every day. Join the gym, do Pilates, wear a push-up bra, whatever. Just be your hottest.

3. Momentum
Do the things you were putting off. The sense of accomplishment will give you something to brag about. No one wants to hear that you're moping (even though it's understandable). Besides, repeating over and over that you have actually done something meaningful sounds really good in your head. Much better than, "I ate ice cream and watched movies all weekend."

4. Get out of the city.
Don't be here. Here sucks right now. Sleep over at your best friend's house. Stay in a hotel for a night and drink the night away in a nice lobby. Go stay at a bed and breakfast out of town. Don't stay at home and do the familiar. Familiar sucks right now. New rules.

5. Focus
Pick three friends with different points of view to support and listen to you. Don't gush to everyone that will listen, because that just gives you a reason to talk about him some more. You need a friend to tell you he's an ass, a friend to tell you that you're a star, and one who is right down the middle. Get differing points of view.

6. Be honest with yourself
Why are you still grieving? What can't you get over? Answer these questions honestly. No one else needs to know except you. You owe it to yourself to be straight up then you can work on pushing through that mess and moving on.

7. Treats for you
This doesn't mean breaking the bank, because you'll regret that later. Are you eyeing one special gadget? Grab it. If something you've be longing for made you smile, go for it.

8. Forgive yourself
Do this as soon as you can. You did the best you could with what you had at the time. Don't be so hard on yourself. Let everyone tell you how great you are, including you!

9. Set a time limit
Did you think about him for five hours yesterday? Make it four and a half today. Do you think about him when you get out of bed and in the shower? Pick one, but you can't have both. Replace thoughts of him with thoughts of your next holiday. Or that cute guy from the coffee shop. Or that bottle of wine sitting in the fridge.

10. Be a tease
I'm not a proponent of "get under someone to get over someone," but I do support being a tease. Set up an online dating profile and spend hours saying no to guys, even if that means going through every page and saying "no" out loud. Go out, catch everyone's eye and then walk away. Get the power back--it's all about you right now!

Written by Natalie Gooding

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