asked: What if a woman makes more money than her man?

The same way guys handle it when they make more than the girl. Let us pay for some things, but don't stress this one - our egos aren't that fragile.
- Trevor, 25, marketing coordinator, sketch comedy writer/performer, single

With a Platinum card.
- Mike, 31, marketing consultant, married

Who cares.  Split it, I suppose.
- Andy, 29. IT consultant, single

Split it.  When it comes to booze the guy should always carry his weight.  Dinner is a different story.
- Richard, 32. events planner, lives with girlfriend

Most guys worth their salt understand that it's the 21st century. It's not uncommon for women to earn more scratch than men. It certainly would never be a shot at my ego if a woman offered to pick up the tab. Why would it? I just saved some cash.
- Rod, 32, fireman, married, baby on the way

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