Question: Do guys care about cellulite as much as women worry they do?

Answer: I think if most guys were given a lie detector test they would have to admit that cellulite isn't attractive. But then again, chances are he's not Brad Pitt. However, if he says he doesn't notice it, he's lying and you should really smack him around. -- Joseph, single, 35

Answer: I wish I could say the answer was no. -- Rob, father of new baby, 32

Answer: I think it's all in how a girl accepts and embraces her body type. If a girl dresses well, maintains her beauty by being confident, then a little cellulite doesn't matter much. -- Richard, in a relationship, 25

Answer: Not at all. I'm not even sure what it is. -- Josh, in a relationship, 29

Answer: I'd say not as much as women do, but if it's that big of a deal for you, do something about it. Work out. Cellulite usually means you're not working the muscles under the affected area. If you have it on the back of your legs, work those muscles. If you have it on your stomach, do sit ups. Exercise and diet are the only way to get rid of it. -- Mark, 26, married

Answer: It's not the cellulite, it's the figure in general. Men don't want their ladies to lose their figures but, it's likely that if you're developing cellulite, he's developing man-boobs or ear hair or some unsightly male affliction that is just as painful for him to deal with. Chances are, though, you think you're far more grotesque than he ever would. Women drive themselves crazy worrying about this sort of thing but, ultimately, most men are not quite as shallow as you may believe. -- Mike, married, 32