Are Phone Break-Ups OK?

We checked out the male-centric Wakestock Festival in Toronto to see what guys were thinking. Here's what they said.

Question: I've been with a guy for two months. Should I break up with him in person or call him on the phone so he doesn't have to sob in front of me and we don't have an awkward goodbye?

Answer: In person. A phone call is like a chore. At least have the decency to go over there.-- Chad, 21, in a serious relationship

Answer: In person. If someone calls you to break up with you, they don't have the cajones to do it in person. It's so easy to do it on the phone, there's no emotion. Yeah, bye, click.- Chris, 28, single

Answer: Do it to my face, straight up. -- Tony, 23, single

Answer: It would be sh*tty. If a girl did that to me, I'd think it was really rude. I would treat girls with the same courtesy.-- Richard, 28, in a long-term relationship

Answer: Just don't do it with a text message, 'cause that is the worst. My friend went through his cell phone at the bar in front of everyone and said, "Watch, I'm gonna X this girl. I'm calling to inform you you're being Xed." Then he erased her number. It's become a bar game now.-- Lamont, 29, in a "sort-of" relationship

Answer: I've never liked the phone breakup, but sometimes it's just the best way to avoid something messy. Unless you guys have had a lot of together time in that two months, or it's an out-of-the-blue decision, then yeah, phone it in.-- Alex, 25, single

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