asked: Can a girl make the first move?

Do it more, do it often. Taking a chance is sexy.
- Trevor, 25, marketing coordinator, sketch comedy writer/performer, single

Sure. That's fine. Bring it on.
- Mike, 31, marketing consultant, married

Kind of a turn-off. If I'm interested I'll do the asking.
- Andy, 29. IT consultant, single

It's great. Though I'll still open the door and pull out the chair.
- Richard, 32. events planner, lives with girlfriend

I would say go for it, though if you are putting out the signals and he hasn't asked you out, there may be something wrong.  Something like: he doesn't want to go out with you.
- Josh, 28, model, with girlfriend

What are we living in the Dark Ages? Of course that's OK. There's something sexy about a confident woman who doesn't wait around to be courted by the prince. Women have made strides in so many areas, why shouldn't they go after what they want?
- Rod, 32, Fireman, married, baby on the way

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