You've heard the saying, all you need is love, right? Well if you ask any Instagram user this year, the answer will be a resounding credits: Instagram/aleeefle and Instagram/miruskii.

For the third year in a row, #love is Instagram's most popular hashtag. Throughout 2015, it totally dominated the social site, with over 800 million posts using #love.

You may have also heard that the most liked photo in Instagram history is Kendall Jenner's closed-eye selfie from earlier this year, in which she strategically had her hair positioned into adorable hearts. That's right, this baby collected a cool 3.3 million likes.

kendall-jenner-heart-hairImage credits: Instagram.

Before that, the most liked photo in the app's history was sister Kim Kardashian's wedding photo, where she and new hubby Kanye West shared a kiss after officially tying the knot.

kim-kanye-most-liked-instagramImage credits: Instagram.

So, if you're still asking...

whats-love-got-to-do-with-itImage credits:

From the hearts to the kisses, we're sensing a theme here. And when it comes to actually using the hashtag, it helps that the word love can mean different things to different people. (Read: there's no shortage of ways you can use it when sharing pics that catch your eye, or that you love.) A quick browse through #love will tap you into the wide range of ways people are using the hashtag.

As the use of emojis sky-rockets (they now make up half of the text posted on Instagram), some are speculating that 2015 may mark the very last year that an actual word nails the number one spot.

What do you think will surpass #love in 2016?

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