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Working in gyms, I come across all sorts of interesting characters. It's not all lunks, meatheads, and fitness models; there is a fitness personality for just about everyone. Together they create a very colourful environment and make every visit to the gym interesting and entertaining and, at times, frustrating.

So which one are you? Can you be more than one? Absolutely!

The Superfan
You plan your fitness classes  around your favourite instructor's class schedule.  Like a groupie, you follow your instructor from class to class and gym to gym. You compliment your instructor any chance you get and compare all other instructors and trainers to the one you admire most. In class, you tend to stand directly in front of your instructor, as close as you possibly can and well within his or her personal bubble. You think about how swell it would be to be BFFs and hang out together and may even be crushing over her or him.

The Loud Mouth
You talk the talk. You know all about working out, you describe your elaborate workout regimen and how much you train. However, you don’t actually train much. Work, family, headaches and the wrong type of weather get in your way. When you do manage to get a workout in, you spend more time giving a running commentary on others, taking drink breaks, pee breaks, nose-blowing breaks, fidgeting with equipment and with your clothes, and finally, you leave thinking you are super fit because you found the workout easy.

The Fitness Fashion-Lover
With full make-up on and your hair styled to perfection, you sport designer labels down to your underwear. Oh wait! You don't wear underwear because that may cause you to show VPL (visible panty lines). You constantly have your eyes on your reflection, checking yourself out in mirrors, windows and chrome handlebars to keep an eye on your physique instead of your technique. You flip your hair and re-tie it more than you need to and reapply lip gloss between sets.

The Boss
Mine, mine, mine" is your motto.  You have your "spot" in the fitness studio and even tell others to move out of your spot if they get to it first. You keep equipment to yourself on the gym floor and you aren't open to sharing between sets. You even claim a locker by keeping your lock on it all day or even overnight to prevent others from using it.

The Fitness Obsessed
You hit the gym six, if not seven, days a week and usually for more than one class or workout session per day. You are there even there when you are sick and find a way to maintain the same workout schedule when you are away on business or on vacation. If you are forced to miss a workout, you try to make up for it but doubling up the following day or you feel guilty about it for days.

The Lone Ranger
You keep to yourself. Headphones on, eye gaze down, you'd wear a "do not disturb" sign around your neck if you could. In group fitness, you hide in the back corner, don't speak to anyone and never crack a smile. Chances are you're shy or you just want to focus on your workout to get it done and move on to other things. Honestly, you are hard to read. Maybe a sign would be helpful.

The All-Star
Your fitness philosophy is "bigger, better, faster, more." You are competitive and need to be better than your workout buddy, than the guy beside you and at least equal to the most experienced person in the room, including your trainer. You choose quantity over quality, lifting more than you can safely and properly handle and always choose the high options regardless of your actual level. Your ego tends to cloud your judgment, especially when you have an audience.

Come back next week to get some tips and advice to suit your gym personality and help you get the most out of your workout and get along better with other personality types.

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