Now that you had a little time to settle into the new year and get back to your usual routine and self, it’s time to reconsider or reshape resolutions you may have set on January 1st. Why reset?  Resolutions are often too grand, unmanageable and difficult to fit into life’s real, day-to-day obstacles and challenges.

Set quarterly goals
Set short term goals. Focus on one or two at time.  I suggest choosing one fitness goal and one wellness or healthy eating goal. Stick to what you can realistically fit within your lifestyle and existing commitments. Be flexible to adapt to changes or curve balls life may throw your way.

Be specific
What exactly do you want to achieve? Define goals you can measure and track. You want a clear view to see your progress for motivation or a plateau for re-assessment. Keeping a journal or using websites, mobile apps, spreadsheets or self-monitoring gadgets can help you keep track.

Plan your journey
What steps will you take to reach your goals? Write down your goals. Write down the steps you need to take. Schedule your “me time” to work on said goals. Take your appointments with self seriously. Treat them as you would treat business meetings, doctor appointments, or your child’s dance class or swimming lesson: be there.

Get support
Share your goals, your challenges, your emotions and your success with the right people. Seek out the friends who will support and encourage you throughout your journey. Steer clear from the downers who are negative or jealous or who put you down to feel better themselves.

Team up with friends and family to work on your goals together. It’s more fun to have a workout buddy!

Be honest and forgiving
We all make mistakes and we all have bad days. Success comes in accepting our mistakes, learning from them, fixing them and looking ahead at the bigger picture –eyes on the prize!

If you make a mistake or have a bad day, let it go and move on. If you asked too much of yourself up front, accept it, re-assess and make the adjustments you need to keep you on track.

Finally, reward yourself! Celebrate your success. You can plan your reward(s) in advance as an incentive to reach your goal. You can throw in spontaneous treats like bragging rights, shout out to self or a bubble bath anytime in between when you have a great day.

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