My holiday wish is for you to stay active throughout the season.  I know it’s hard to find time between shopping and and partying with lots of food and drinks. I also know it's possible. Through the moments of stress and debauchery you may experience this month, I’ll be here to help you stay on target.

Given there is still time left to shop, I suggest we get started with three fitness gadgets that made my wishlist and that will help keep you on track and motivated.

1. Fitbit One
How it works: Clip the Fitbit One to your bra or your pants or slip it into your pocket. Wear all day to track your steps, stairs climbed, distance travelled and calories burned. Wear it with the sleep wrist band overnight to track how well you slept.

Connect Pros Cons
  • Log-in online or get the mobile app to sync your stats, enter your calorie intake and other activity the Fitbit can’t track (cycling, weight lifting), track your progress, set goals and earn badges.
  • Challenge, encourage and compete with friends.
  • If you use other apps such as RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal, you can import your stats to them.
  • Affordable and discrete and equipped with a five- to seven-day battery life.
  • Allows you to input activities and calories manually, so it can give you an accurate representation of your lifestyle.
  • The vibrating alarm wakes you, not your partner.
  • iOS- and Android-friendly
  • You can forget to wear it or to swap it from your sports bra to you office pants.
  • Be careful not to accidentally run it through the washer.

The One, $100; The Zip: $60; The Ultra: $80. Available at

2. Nike+ FuelBand
How it works: The FuelBand is a wristband you wear that tracks movement, steps and calories burned. It calculates your activity into NikeFuel points. Set daily goals and watch the coloured LED display your progress from red to green so you can meet and beat your goals and earn rewards.

Connect Pros Cons
  • Log-in online or use the iPhone app to track your progress, set goals and earn badges.
  • Find friends and share your results.
  • Easy to wear all the time, including in the shower. However, the sporty wristband is also harder to conceal.
  • Doubles as a sleek-looking watch.
  • Part of an active NikeFuel online community.
  • Only iOS-friendly.
  • Waving your arm around could fudge your numbers, and maybe encourage you to cheat.
  • The price is a little steep.

Nike Fuelband, $149. Retail locations listed online.

3. Motorola MOTOACTV
How it works: The MOTOACTV tracks steps and calories burned. It is also equipped with a GPS to track your elevation, time, distance, speed and route. The built-in smart MP3 player recognizes which songs motivate you. Accessories such as a clip, watch band, arm band, wristband, heart-rate monitor, bike mount and Bluetooth headset can also be purchased to expand usage and functionality.

Connect Pros Cons
  • Log-in online or use the Android app to track your progress, schedule your workouts and set goals.
  • Sync music from iTunes and Windows Media Player.
  • The most functional with 8GB, GPS, MP3 player and the option to accessorize it.
  • Great for the athlete or person who wants to track workouts in detail, rather than daily activity.
  • The fit is chunky.
  • Only Android-friendly.

MotoACTV, $260. Available at The Source.

All three of these items are great tools for tracking your fitness goals. Your needs should help you figure out which one is best for you.

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