Spring is coming. It may not look like it now, but it will arrive. (Not soon enough, if you ask me.)

It's now the time of year to give my home a good scrubbing from top to bottom. The old "spring cleaning fever" I suppose. Although it's not one of my favourite things to do, with the help of loud music and a bottle of Pinot, I always feel better when things are all spit and polished. Well maybe more polished than spit.

From cleaning out all the cupboards to colour-coding my shoes, I do it all. However the most recent place I've learned (the hard way of course) to launder is my sixth family member...my third arm...my computer.

At home, I am somewhat of a minimalist. I don’t have collections or tchotchkes. However in my cyber life, I'm a full-on reality show hoarder!

Now I consider myself somewhat tech-savvy. I have all the gadgets and know how to use them fairly well. But when you start throwing around big words like cache, RAM and de-frag, I'm lost. I really have no clue what they are and how they impact my cyber life and quite frankly, I don’t care. As long as my baby works when I turn her on, I am a happy Deeva.

By no way, shape or form should you take this post as any type of how-to, as I am not an expert. This is my blanket disclaimer that I am not responsible if you somehow manage to erase your entire hard drive (as I once did). These are simply tips I was given. I am giving you these tips in PC lingo -- I use a MAC so some of the fancy names for things are different. (Better? Once you go MAC you never go back.)

Clean up the clutter
Sounds simple enough and it is. Just get rid of unused icons and files. Also back up your baby (which is now a habit for me) then you can delete all those pictures and files you don’t use on a daily basis.

Remove old programs
Use caution! Here is where it may get tricky for some (like me). Be aware of what is a “necessary running program” before you uninstall anything. The term "necessary program" meant nothing to me -- unless you were referring to all the reality TV shows I love. Now that is necessary programming.

Defrag your computer
OK, once again, if you do not understand, please refer to a cute techy person. It's something about your computer having to run around looking for files and doing this will make it faster and easier.I need to de-frag my house when I’m looking for my keys or cell phone.

Clear you cache
By doing this (whatever this is) you clear up more space on your baby and she will once again work better. Apparently this is a good thing to do on a fairly regular basis, like a manicure for your computer.

Take it in for a tune-up
This is my own personal tip. No matter how well you treat your baby, it can always use a professional touch-up. I know the thought of being without your computer for even one day is devastating, but you will be thrilled you did it. A simple tune-up can make a world of difference on how well it operates and how long it lasts. Just be sure to do your homework and take it somewhere reputable.

Here is more information on these maintenance tasks.

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