If you research “how to keep you cell phone safe” you will get a deluge of articles full of tips and tricks, and almost all of them tell you to lock your phone. Locking your phone seems like a total no-brainer. Other than it being extremely annoying to key in your password every time you want to use it, it's a great way to ensure none of your information is ever compromised.

My question is: what kind of information do you have in there that you're worried about?

I firmly believe you should never lock your phone and never store anything valuable in it. If your phone is stolen, the only thing the thief should get is whatever the phone is worth. Why am I going against all the tipsters? Having an unlocked phone saved me when I was in a very precarious position.

It was my turn to be the on-duty parent at my three-year-old's daycare and I had been suffering from a sore neck. I had gone the night before for some physio and was suffering, but I was trying to suck it up. I was in the home stretch, with only 45 minutes left when BAM...I passed out, I was down for the count. When I came to I was on the floor with another mom bent over me saying, "wake up Dee, wake up."

I slowly regained consciousness but when I did, I could barely breathe and I couldn't speak. This mom was my champion, she asked me if I had a phone, where it was, who to call, all in a way that I could answer by nodding and pointing. Another mom called my husband who immediately came to grab my daughter while I went to the hospital. This was one of the scariest things I have ever experienced in my life. I had no control over myself; I was helpless.

The next day a couple of the super moms stopped by to make sure I was OK. It wasn’t until one of the moms said, “Thank goodness your phone wasn’t locked” that it clicked. What if my phone was locked? I just took my daughter to pre-school every day, they had no clue who I was or who they should call.

In light of this situation, I have a few more tips about cellphone safety to add to the long list that's already out there:

 1) NEVER lock your phone

2) NEVER put any information in your phone that could compromise your security if it’s stolen. No credit card numbers, no banking info, not even your home address. As much as you would hate to lose it, treat your phone as an expendable item.

3) ALWAYS have your “In Case of Emergency” contact clearly labelled in your contact list. My husband's name reads like this in my phone:

ICE - George Clooney - HUSBAND
Emergency workers know that ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and the Husband label let’s super moms know who to call.

A heartfelt thank you to my super moms who came to my rescue and made sure my daughter was safe. xo

Dee Brun is the award-winning author of Libations of Life: A Girl’s Guide to Life One Cocktail at a Time, a cocktail chef and stylist, TV personality, home entertaining guru, writer, humorist, wife, mother of 4, TV Junkie, shoe-aholic, and borderline George Clooney stalker. Read her column, Isn’t it Deelightful, every Friday on Slice.ca.