Q: The kids lately have been asking for all the candy that is in the stores.  Do you have some “healthier” suggestions to treat them to some thing good? ~Jane

A: Hi Jane! There are lots of healthy foods that are sweet-naturally, that will be satisfying for kids.
Part of it is making the food fun, and getting them involved in the preparation.

Here are some suggestions:

• Fruit kabobs-strawberries, pineapple & melon
• Yogurt, frozen (poke a small yogurt container with a popsicle stick and put in the freezer. It will be a healthier frozen yogurt!)
• Homemade granola bars
• Individual apple crumble
• Sliced banana drizzled with honey
• Canteloupe and melon, dipped in yogurt & light whip cream

Yours in Health,

Maria Thomas

Nutrition Expert for The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp

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