Q: I need help with nutrition. I'm 5'5 and 160 pounds, I work out with a personal trainer twice a week for an hour, then I work out on my own for another day, however I don't feel like I'm getting results. For a while I was doing Isagenix which is two "meal replacement" protein shakes a day and a meal (400-600 cals), still nothing. Now I'm eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, with 3 small snack in-between, and I'm still not losing any weight; in fact I'm actually gaining weight.  I work in an office, 8 hours a day, and take an hour bus ride to and from work. I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Sheyndl D

A: Hi Sheyndl!  Have you talked to someone about your diet? The best recommendation I can make for you is to talk to someone who can review not only your current eating habits and food & beverage intake, but also your past eating habits. What were you eating before? Also, what worked for you in the past with regards to weight loss and what didn't?

In addition to figuring out your eating, we also need to look at your history of dieting. Yo-Yo dieting can make it more difficult to lose weight, but in no means impossible. It just means that the basic healthy eating principles for weight loss (ie. spread meals through the day, don't eat too late, include snacks, etc) may not be enough to have the impact that you are looking for.

So, I recommend talk to someone who has expertise in nutrition. Don't just try a standard menu, have someone work with you personally to find out what will work for you. if you would like more information, visit http://www.urbannutrition.com/

Yours in Health,

Maria Thomas

Nutrition Expert for The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp

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