Our 12 days of fitness continues with just six days remaining. No matter how much you work, scrambling to get things ready and partying, you can always make just a little time to take care of yourself.

Think of how much less damage you’ll have to deal with in January if you stay active now.  If you are just joining us, have a look at part one to get the full 12 days or just jump in right here, right now.

All you need to do is follow three easy steps, daily. Your body and mind will surely thank you!

Daily three-step routine:

1) Daily warm up
2) two sets of each strength and cardio combo
- rest 15 seconds between sets: sit cross-legged, close your eyes, take five deep, slow breaths through your nose
3) Daily stretch

Daily warm up (See Stretching 101: The Basics):

  • Windmills arms: eight forward, eight backward
  • Side-to-side lunges: eight each side

Daily stretch (See Stretching 101: The Stills):

  • Front of thighs: 30 seconds/side
  • Front of hips: 30 seconds/side
  • Upper back and chest: 30 seconds each

Day 7:

  • Inchworm: eight
  • Skaters: 30 seconds

Day 8:

  • Push-up jacks: Start in a push-up position, feet together. Lower your body toward the floor and jump your feet wider than hips. Jump feet together as you press yourself back up.
  • Repeat 12 times.

Day 9:

  • Alternating stepping lunges: 10 forward, 10 backward
  • Jump rope (no rope? Pretend you are holding one): 45 seconds
  • Repeat

Day 10:

  • Warrior 2, Triangle, Warrior 3: 20 seconds/pose
  • Bicycle crunches: 16 each side, alternating
  • Repeat (warriors on the other side)

Day 11:

  • Single-leg squats: 12 reps/side
  • Ski jump side-to-sides: 30 seconds
  • Repeat

Day 12:

  • Dips (off a heavy chair or sofa): 12 reps
  • Side shuffle with touch down (four shuffles to left, touch left fingers down, repeat to the right): 45 seconds
  • Repeat

Remember to pick the time(s) of day that suits you best. Set a reminder in your calendar if you need help remembering what to do when and take the five minutes to do it. Feel free to invite family/friends to do it with you. Keep at it to keep feeling great! Feel free to add more days by repeating the 12 days from the start, as often as you like or need.

Happy New Year!

Katya MohsenKatya Mohsen is a personal trainer with more than 10 years of experience in fitness and sports training. Catch her practical fitness advice Thursdays on Slice.ca.