A few weeks ago, California's Coachella Valley was swarmed by overzealous indie music buffs and fashion-forward flower children who kicked off yet another summer filled with massive music festivals.

Whether you're heading to GlastonburyBonnaroo or Lollapalooza this summer, here are the most important things to have on hand.

  • The essentials - Don't forget the basics like your tickets, wristbands, ID, cash for snacks and drinks, cellphone, maps to the venue and camera to capture all of the moments
  • Weather essentials - The summer can be unpredictable so make sure you're prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Whether rain,

A festival poncho by Christopher Raeburn from Victorinox will keep you dry and looking stylish; clean up any unexpected nicks or cuts with a pocket first aid kit from American Red Cross; the ultimate festival wellies by Hunter; a colourful scarf to keep out an unexpected chill from Virginia Johnson.


...or shine

Consonant Body's 100% natural SPF 30 sunscreen will protect you without leaving behind a greasy finish; A colourful cap from Maison Kitsuné to protect against the sun; funky wooden sunglasses that will protect your eyes as well as finish off your outfit from Shwood; all-natural herbal insect repellent from Burt's Bees.

  • Refreshments - Though there will be food and drinks available at the venue, greasy fries and over-cooked hot dogs can get expensive and tiresome. Pack a refillable water bottle and some portable snacks like fruit or trail mix to keep yourself hydrated and recharged.
  • Necessities - At some point during the festival, you're going to need to go. If a Port-o-John is not for you, try out one of these personal portable bathrooms. Don't forget your toilet paper and antibacterial wipes:
The Shit Box is a lightweight reusable toilet that pops up from a flat box that can be toted around with you as a portable toilet (or stool, when not in use). Privacy not included; Travel John bags turn urine into gel that you can dispose of without the smell or mess. Anti-bacterial wipes included.
  • For your head - You came to enjoy the music but when the festival is running for 2 days or more , you may need a bit of a break. Bring a set of ear plugs for some of the louder opening acts that may get a little overenthusiastic with the amps, and some headache medicine in case the sun, music and fresh air get the better of you.
  • For your eyes - Got there a little late for Mumford & Sons? A pair of mini binoculars should ensure that you won't miss a thing no matter how far back you are
  • Downtime - In between acts you're going to have some time to kill so bring along some gadgetry to keep you preoccupied and pump up the excitement for the next band.
The super portable Jawbone Jambox will keep the music going in between bands with its hi-fi audio; combat boredom with Finger Twister, a mini version of the childhood party favourite; these macro, fisheye and wide angle lens easily snap on to your iPhone, taking your festival pics to a whole other level; store all your stuff while keeping all your favourite gadgets charged with the Solarbak solar-powered backpack.
There you have it!
Now, grab your pals and head out to the fields because summer will be over before you know it!