Each week, we’re picking a favourite dress from Mother of the Bride and showing you how you can get the look. And to make it even sweeter, Terrie (co-owner of T. Carolyn Fashions) will be sharing all of her dress-picking secrets.

Slice.ca: Tell us about this look.
Terrie: It's a three-piece chiffon pantsuit with mirror sequined camisole.  It's shown here in charcoal.

Slice.ca: How did Janet end up in this outfit?
Terrie: Janet marches to the beat of a different drummer, or maybe even a tambourine.  Janet walked into the store wearing a tie-dyed T-shirt dress and was dubbed “quirky” by her daughter, the bride. The trick to finding something for Janet was to find something that was a bit more “mainstream,” but still allowed her to feel as if she's being true to her own unique style.

Slice.ca: Tell us why this look works for Janet.
Terrie: This is a super sophisticated, sleek pantsuit.  The unusual cut of the camisole in combination with the jacket elongates the torso and makes Janet appear taller than she really is.  The silver sequins together with the charcoal chiffon makes this pantsuit a real standout.

1. Wilfred Chevalier Jacket, $225. Available at Aritzia. 2. Tadashi Shoji Stretch Mesh Pants, $103. Available at www.nordstrom.com. 3. Knit back sequin tank, $28. Available at www.thebay.com.

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Samantha Speisman is a TV-loving lifestyle editor and writer. She’s also the go-to gal (A.K.A the managing editor) of Slice.ca.