With endless holiday parties this month, you may have your dresses picked, shoes selected and hair holiday-ready. Looking for some extra sass this season? Try these DIY nail art designs for party-approved (but easy to execute!) digits.

Put a Bow on It

Nail decals make nail art really easy, especially if you're no expert drawer! These Haute Nails rubber stickers are not only insanely simple to apply, they look adorable, too. I used the Winter Nail pack for the festive bow and snowflakes.

For this look I wanted to use the hot colour of the season, oxblood, but since it’s the holidays I chose a brighter red (Essie’s Forever Yummy).

How-to tips:
1. Paint nails red and let dry about 10 minutes.
2. Grab Sally Hansen's white nail art pen (a toothpick or the end of a bobby pin will also work in a pinch), and draw one horizontal and one vertical line across your nail to make the ribbon. Put it just to the side so it really looks like a gift.
3. Let dry for a few minutes before applying the bow. Then, using tweezers, stick the bow in the middle of the two white lines, holding for an extra second.
4. Throw on a top coat and you’re set.

Winter White

Did you catch Kate Hudson at TIFF this year? Her eye-catching look proved that white after Labour Day is totally trendy. This look is super easy to pull off and takes no time at all. Plus, if you’re not sure nail art is for you, it's a subtle way to get your hands wet.

The holidays are a time of year for opulence and sparkle, and on short nails these Sally Hanson Salon Effects Snow Way! nail strips are just darling. Instead of doing all 10 nails, I matched the base with Revlon, Pure Pearl and left the strip for the ring finger.

How-to tips:
1. Simply paint all your nails white, save the one you want to put the nail strip on.
2. Apply the nail strip as directed and brush top coat on afterwards. It's that easy.

Snowflake Sparkle

For those a bit more daring with nail art, painting snowflakes is a fun way to jazz up dark nails. Bonus: it makes your manicure last longer! This look (best on thumbs and ring fingers for parties), takes a steady hand.

How-to tips:
1. Paint nails in any dark shade (I love OPI Give Me Moor) and let that dry for about 10 minutes.
2. Take a white or silver nail pen and make a cross. Then draw a smaller X in the center of the cross.
3. With a soft hand, draw short, small lines on an angle, away from the cross and X.
4. Let that dry, then cover with a coat of light and iridescent sparkle, such as OPI DS Coronation.

So, which one will you be trying first?