Q:  I have naturally very straight hair. Are there any products that will give me get curls without perming it?

A: Unfortunately, if you have naturally straight hair, there aren't any products out there which will create curls in your hair without a perm.  Products such as curl creams, curl enhancers, mousse or curling lotions won't effectively create wave patterns in straight hair without the assistance of a perm.   Those products are intended for people who have naturally curly or wavy hair.   Most people these days aren't perming their hair anymore, so here are a few other ways of creating curls in naturally straight hair:

  • Curling iron/flat iron.  Most of the celebrities that you see these days use either a curling iron or flat iron to create curls in longer hair.  Big waves are created by using a 3/4"-1" curling iron and going section by section curling the hair.  Another way of creating curls is by using a flat iron taking each section and closing the flat iron on the hair then turning it, followed by sliding the flat iron down the hair shaft which ultimately creates a wave.  Think of when you would wrap a gift and you take a pair of scissors along the ribbon to create curly ribbon, it's the same idea...without using scissors of course!

  • Rags.  Many people will wrap their wet hair in rags and let dry.  Once the hair is completely dry, take out the rags and you'll have a messy wave pattern on naturally straight hair. 

  • Bendies.  Similar to rags, these tube like bendable foam rods are available at most beauty suppliers and are wrapped in the hair and also let to dry.  Once the hair is dried, you'll have curly tight curls.  Depending on the size of the rods, these bendies tend to give you a tighter curl than say a curling iron.

Hope that helps!!  Remember, anything can be washed out (except for a perm) so have fun experimenting and good luck with the curls!!! xoxo

Written by Jason Lee, winner of Superstyle Hair Challenge, Season 1

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