The holidays are a great excuse to spoil our pets. Who doesn't want to see their furry friends living in the lap of luxury? So today, we're tackling the fur babies in our lives.

1. For the Shiverer
Maybe your dog has skinny legs, or maybe you just want your little one to look cool. Either way, legwarmers are the way to go. They're a practical addition to any dog's wardrobe and easily slip over booties.
Doggie Legwarmers, $25 and up/Set of two.  Available at

2. For the Cold One
Pet jackets, coats and sweaters are all the rage..and for good reason. It isn't just a fashion statement, sometimes it's a necessity. Little dogs (and lean dogs) need extra warmth during the cold winter months.
Nevada Ruff Quilted Puffer, $20. Available at

3. For the Dapper Darling
You want your dog to stand out during the holiday season, so why not treat him or her to a bow tie that fits easily along their collar? You're not the only one who like to get dressed up.
Bow Tie, $16-$20. Available at

4. For the Trendy One
For someone who owns a dog and knows that collars can be boring, a custom-made collar could be the answer you're looking for. They're not only washable, but durable, so they'll stand the test of time.
Custom Collars, $23 and up. Available at

5. For the Smelly Breather
Though we love them, our pets' breath can be horrendous. You want them to be at their best during the holidays, so spoil them with a practical, healthy treat that helps clean the tarter build-up, provides a good source of calcium and freshens up their breath for those holiday kisses.
Dental Health Treat Value Pack, $23. Available at

6. For the Regal One
Spoil your animal with an Urban Denim Lounge Bed. The soft denim, coloured trim, and elevated sides (created specifically for your canine's head) make it a dream come true.
Urban Denim Lounge Bed, $98 and up. Available at

7. For the Felines
Our feline friends probably wouldn't appreciate a dapper collar like a pooch would, but they'll definitely appreciate brand-new bedding. Get them a new lounger to snuggle away in style all season long.
Kitty Ball Cat Bed starts $99.99. Available at

8. For the Ornament Lover
Furry friends love to help with decorating, so distract them this season with the X-Cross Ball. With its holiday colour and faux silver cap, it resembles a real ornament -- and it squeaks, making it much more fun for your pet to play with.
X-Cross Ball $2.99. Available at

9. For the Snuggle Bug
All pooches love to snuggle, so treat yours to a new Plushie. That way, when you're away from home they have something to snuggle up with while they wait for your return.
FouFou Corduroy Owl Plushies, $16. Available at

 10. For the Glamorous Ones
There's no time like the holidays for a little extra glitz and glamour. Let your furry friends sparkle with a crystal-encrusted collar.
Yummy Collar, $16. Available at