When Corrie-Lynn Whyte and her partner Dan Gibson learned they were expecting triplets, naturally, they started a blog called The Baby Gang to share their stories with other parents.

This week, the Ontario parents uploaded a video of Corrie expertly wrangling her four kidsoh yes, along with the eight-month-old triplets, the family has two-year-old Emily, tooand parents everywhere can't stop gawking at her skills.

The video, called mom vs triplets and toddler, has received 68 million views and over 120,00 comments. "Kudos Corrie for having those reflexes!" reads one. "I'm exhausted watching," says another commenter. And it's because this mom's ability to get her four kids dressed is damn impressive.

Having a hard time changing just one babe? Watch how this supermom handles all four at once:

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