For the most part, you have a good life. Do you wish you had more money? Sure. Time? Always. Energy? Definitely. But despite busting your butt at work, rushing out the door to take your kids to daycare, and getting home while the sun is setting (which only adds more time to your commute), that's your average day. So even though you have it all together, it's easy to doubt yourself every now and again.

In a Japanese ad for Van Houten cocoa, moms are asked to describe what they believe is "the ideal mother" and then compare that to how they parent. And in their eyes, they aren't doing so hot. They're always in a rush, not sure how it's affecting their children, and wishing they smiled a little more. Because we're all so busy, taking care of everyone else but ourselves, it's easy to emphasize. Everyone, female or male, can totally identify with the woman who says, "I work to raise my child. But not able to have time with my child because of work." The guilt can be overwhelming.

But then the women watch videos of their own children describing their moms and how they think they're doing. And needless to say it's eye-opening. Because just like every other mom, things aren't as terrible as they thought they were.

So like the moms in the video, anytime you have those feelings of guilt and regret and self-loathing, just stop. Because you're not doing as bad as you think either.

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