While we enjoy viral videos starring cats or some poor sap who is high as a kite after getting her wisdom teeth out and now believes she's in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, the ones about the trials and triumphs of motherhood always get the best reaction.

Whether it's a group of moms parodying their favourite Taylor Swift song or encountering the different moms one can come across on any given day at the schoolyard, we've seen it all.

But it's the ones that reach into your chest and grab hold of your heart that will get you crying every time. In honour of Mother's Day, we've rounded up our favourite viral videos that'll kick you right in the feels. Please. We know you want to see them, plus, who doesn't need a feel-good cry? We're not sorry; in fact, you're welcome.

Combining the Olympics and encouraging moms is basically a surefire way for you to drop whatever you're doing and call your mom. No, really, this is a big thank you to all the dedicated mothers out there who go over and above to protect and support their children in whatever it is they want to do.

While not downplaying the roles dads and other parental figures play, there's nothing like the bond between a mom and her child. And the song playing throughout the ad only tears at your heart that much more.

They grow up so fast, don't they? And as time goes by, it's easier for kids to take their parents for granted. Maybe if you get your children to watch this, they'll find moments to make that quality time for their moms and dads.

For the women who do everything in their family's life, and manage to juggle 19 things while not losing it, this is for you.

No mom is perfect--you know it, we know it. But despite all that knowledge, there are some judgy people out there, armed and ready to loudly share their opinion on working moms vs. stay-at-home moms, co-sleeping vs. sleep training, bottle-feeding vs. breastfeeding, and so much more. Enough. Let's end the mommy wars, shall we?

Sorry to steal your thunder, dads, but seeing moms who have to be soft and strong at the same time getting some love on Father's Day is a beautiful thing.

The people who hold the title of World's Toughest Job, the ones who get no breaks, little sleep and are on 24/7, finally get the props they deserve.

Watching this newborn baby refusing to let go of his mom shows just how strong the bond between mother and child is. Excuse us as we tend to our melting hearts.

Motherhood is a roller coaster ride filled with struggles and joys, laughter and tears. This video reassures us that it's OK to feel different emotions.

These working moms who are overwhelmed with guilt are reassured by their kids that they're doing a great job. Aaaaaaand, it's raining on our faces now.

What moms think of themselves is so, so different than what their children think. It's easy to point out the bad things about yourself but thankfully kids look past all that and just see the good stuff.

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