Most Popular Baby Name in the World MainThe verdict is in: the most popular baby name in the world is Sofia (or Sophia).

While religious names like John, Maria and Mohammed are still very popular (in fact, Mohammed is the top global boys' name), Sophia is outranking them in 29 countries. Add in the fact that Sophia ranks in the top 25 in two-thirds of the world, we've found a new incredibly popular baby name.

Laura Wattenberg, the naming expert who took on the analysis, explained to Live Science how rare this is. "It just blew me away that so many different languages and cultures would arrive at the same sound at the same time."

While there is no explanation for its sudden rise in popularity, it does speak to how the digital age is breaking down barriers and borders around the world.

Some of the most famous Sophias (or Sofias) in the world right now are:

Most Popular Baby Name in the World Sofia VergaraActress and model Sofia Vergara

Most Popular Baby Name in the World Sophia BushChicago P.D. actress Sophia Bush

Most Popular Baby Name in the World Sophia LorenItalian actress Sophia Loren

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