We're not sure what's more amazing: the fact New York's American Ballet Theatre has a "bring your dogs to work" policy, or the fact this policy has been in effect since the 1980s.

“[Our dancers] work such a long days,” company spokesman Kelly Ryan tells BuzzFeed. “They can feel comfortable that [their dogs] are nearby and taken care of.”

Between dancers and staff, there are nearly 30 dogs on the premises at a given time. With a typical 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. rehearsal day, many theatre members say having their furry companions with them makes life a whole lot easier. It also prevents that dreaded plan B: boarding.

It's a "family-like atmosphere," Ryan says. In fact, not only do the pups relax at the studio, they pop by various classes and join in on physical therapy sessions.

“It really just adds to the warmth and humanity of this atmophsere, of being in the arts and working toward a goal,” Ryan adds. “Everyone is together and supports one another, and the dogs support the dancers, their owners, just by being here.”

Somebody's hankering to be part of the show.

Slipper fetching. (Ballet style.)

Puppy acupressure.

Foot selfie.

Dynamic duo.

Say "kibble!"

Image credit: Instagram

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