There’s a good chance you're not familiar with Lykoi cats. Which makes sense, since they're a relatively new breed -- and a rare one at that. These unique-looking kitties benefit from a natural genetic mutation that makes them look like adorable little werewolves. Scruffy grey patchy fur, big ears, mysterious yellow and black eyes -- the works.

And although they may look like mythical Halloween beasts, their behaviour is the exact opposite. Lykoi have an extremely friendly and loving temperment. In fact, they've been compared to puppies, in that they're loyal and affectionate to a fault.

“They can be clingy at times, but generally if you are too busy to snuggle, they will take ‘no’ as an answer and will go on and amuse themselves," says veterinarian Johnny Gobble, who breeds the quirky felines along with his wife Brittney. "As long as they are close enough to keep an eye on you.”

At the moment, there are only about 50 Lykoi in the world. But if you want to get one of your own, we've got good news: there are several breeders out there, most of which you can find online. The not-so-good news: there's a big ol' waiting list involved. To boot, Lykoi kittens will run you anywhere from $2000 to $2500. But hey, for those seeking out their own adorable mini-werewolf, money should be no object, right?

Full moon.

The wolfpack.

Howlin' n' prowlin'.

A must-have for the serious pet enthusiast / Halloween connoisseur.

The aftermath of a feeding frenzy. (We assume.)

They call him 'The Count.'

See? Nothing to be scared of.

All images: Brittney Gobble REX Shutterstock

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