It looks like we have another Insta-famous animal on our hands!

This time, her name is Juniper. She's a gorgeous wild fox who lives in a house with her human and dog. In no particular order, here are a few reasons we can't get enough of this adorable yet super silly orange creature...

She dresses well:


Plays with her friends:


Naps a lot:


Takes care of herself:


Likes car rides:


And even helps her mom with chores:


And in return, she gets showered with love from her owner:


Juniper's Instagram account is just oozing with cuteness and we're not surprised in the least that she already has more than 15,000 followers.

However, despite these incredibly sweet photos, don't be fooled. Foxes are not like cats and dogs, and Juniper's owner is the first one to admit it. She warns wannabe fox-owners that foxes smell terrible, are very destructive animals (see couch below), bite humans, and require tons of attention. They're not like dogs because they were never bred to please human beings (they're wild animals, after all.)


...but that's just fine with us. We're happy to sit back and watch Juniper's antics from afar:

A video posted by Juniper (@juniperfoxx) on

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Image credit: juniperfoxx