Alice van Kempen is a Dutch photographer who's taken memorable dog pics for nearly 20 years. And we dare say her latest series of snapshots may very well be her best.

Recently, Alice and her gorgeous bull terrier Claire made their way across Europe, visiting a series of abandoned structures. We're talking everything from prisons to hospitals to military bases to farms to coal mines. And although these locations are stunning in their own right, they look even cooler with Claire in the picture.

"Claire and I have crawled underneath fences, climbed walls, jumped through windows," Alice tells Caters News. "Once we’re inside we check the building from top to bottom and I always start photographing the best spot in the house first."

And Alice has nothing but praise for her four-legged pal, who stars in each and every one of these poignant images. "She loves modelling and she’s brilliant too. She sometimes has to sit absolutely still for seconds at a time without blinking or making the slightest movement."

Take a look below and see for yourself. There's a good chance this plucky pooch has seen more of Europe's underbelly than all of us.

Image credits: Alice Van Kempen / Caters News Agency

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