The internet pretty much wouldn't exist without cats. They're like its engine. Its feline fuel.

But as we know, cats aren't created equal. Sure, they're all adorable, but adorable works on a gradient, from mild to moderate to extreme to downright experimental. Gimo here falls into the latter category: so mindbendingly adorable that the mere act of gazing upon him should be done at your own risk.

Simply put, Gimo has the cutest cat eyes in the history of mankind (catkind?). They're big, round, sparkly, curious, and melancholy, all at the same time. And they're fast making him an Instagram star. So look out, Beyonce: there's a new social media superpower in town!

Impossible to say no to that face.

Gimo wuvs you vewwy much.

Gimo and some other, lesser cat.

Special delivery.

"You will do my bidding, human."

Gimo selfie.

Image credit: Instagram -- 1room1cat

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