We might as well rename The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill's Brandi Glanville, Brandi "Glamville" because this mama sure knows how to work it. She's always dressed to the nines, and her hair and makeup are always perfectly polished. Last month, she walked the red carpet at an event to promote her soon-to-be-released book, Drinking & Tweeting and other Brandi Blunders and she looked extra fantastic. I absolutely love her beauty choices -- from the smokey eyes to the neutral lip -- I think Brandi looks like a total bombshell. (I'm sorry, Eddie who?)

These seven tips will help you achieve this glamorous mama's makeup masterpiece:

1. Soft black eyeliner
Brandi's eyeliner is expertly blended, giving her brown eyes soft definition. To achieve this look, it's best to use a brush with potted liner (or wet your brush and try using a black shadow).
Try: Tarte Emphaseyes Waterproof Clay Shadow/Liner, $29

2. Shiny lip-plumping gloss
Brandi lets her eyes take centre stage, and just uses a subtle gloss to accentuate her natural lip colour. Try using a plumping gloss in clear or a soft shade of pink.
Try: Hard Candy Plumping Serum, $6

3. Brow-defining pencil
Eyebrows really make all the difference when it comes to your beauty routine, and Brandi knows that. Never forget about your brows -- make sure they're in place and filled in. It will help to frame your beautiful eyes.
Try: Maybelline EyeStudio Master Shape Brow Pencil, $8

4. Volumizing mascara
If the eyes are the window to the soul, then your lashes are the frame. Skip the falsies and pick up a double-duty mascara that will add both volume and length. Make sure you match your mascara colour to your eyeliner for a flawless finish.
Try: Benefit They're Real Mascara, $24

5. Subtle gold shadow palette 
Gold eyeshadow works really well on blondes, and Brandi uses it to play up her hair and brown eyes. It's subtle, yet it adds just the right amount of glamour. Try picking up a palette so you have a darker shade to use in the crease of your lids.
Try: Love Me Eyeshadow palette, $40

6. Creamy blush
When blended correctly, a cream blush can give your cheeks just the right amount of rosiness. It can make you look like you just took a walk in the cold, got slightly embarrassed, or any of the other events that give our cheeks that ultimate flush. Brandi's cheeks are the best shade of pink, and I'd bet it's the result of a great cream blush.
Try: YSL Creme du Blush, $52

7. Tinted moisturizer
Brandi's got the natural glow down to a science. Her face looks flawless, but not in a caked-on makeup kind of way. Her skin is radiant and her imperfections (come on, she has to have some!) are unnoticeable.
Try: Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer, $44

Samantha Speisman is a TV-loving lifestyle editor and writer. She’s also the go-to gal (A.K.A. the managing editor) of Slice.ca.


Image credit: Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images