Q:  Jason, I want to dye my hair darker brown but I don't want my skin to look too pale.  Any advice?

A:  The winter often brings on a desire for many clients to take their hair color darker. It seems to be an annual tradition nowadays for clients to ask their colorist to darken their hair for the winter months. Often, darker brunette tones can wash out a person's complexion and the client's skin tone can appear very pale.  Here are a few tips to remember when going darker.

1)  Choose a color that has some gold tones in it.  Reach for warmer browns that aren't ashy or overly flat because those tones can wash you out.

2)  Start with a darker base and add some warm highlights throughout.  The highlights will soften the overall shade of brown and your skin won't appear so pale.

3)  Invest in a good make up bronzer.  Simply adding a slight touch of warmth to your skin tone will give color back to fair skin and dark brown hair won't overtake you.

4)  Don't go much darker than your natural hair color.  Usually, a good guide to determine how dark you should go is by following your natural root color.  If your roots are dark, chances are your skin can handle darker shades.  If you're naturally light, you should probably only go a few shades darker than your natural.

5)  Use a demi permanent gloss color or translucent permanent color.  These types of hair colors aren't as opaque as traditional permanent hair colors and your hair won't appear so dense.  Ask your colorist for more information.

Follow these tips and you should be fine.

Written by Jason Lee, winner of Superstyle Hair Challenge, Season 1

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